Patient Bill of Responsibilities

Elbowoods Memorial Health Center and all affiliated field clinics adopts and affirms as departmental policy the following responsibilities of patients who receive services from Elbowoods Memorial Health Care facilities. This policy gives you, the patient, the responsibility to:

  1. provide information on complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, or treatments to the appropriate clinic staff;
  2. request information about your condition, and/or treatment in a manner that is understandable to you;
  3. arrive twenty minutes early for scheduled appointments or call Patient Services (627-7601 or 627-7602) to reschedule or cancel appointments;
  4. follow the treatment plan as requested by your provider which may include taking your medication until it is gone whether or not you feel better;
  5. request information about the consequences for refusing care or a treatment prescribed to you and accept the responsibility for your decision;
  6. follow clinic rules and regulations about patient care and conduct;
  7. treat staff and other patients with respect.  Treat them as you want to be treated.  Respect others’ property;
  8. inform the clinical staff of any change in your condition or adverse reaction to the treatment prescribed;
  9. maintain updated and current patient registration with the business office/patient registration office at the Elbowoods Memorial Health Center or the four Field Clinics and provide documentation such as a birth certificate or a tribal ID to prove eligibility and/or documentation of residency as required for PRC (formerly Contract Health) care.  Please bring your medicaid, medicare, and private insurance and/or other third party resource information with you.  Social Security cards are also required;
  10. insure confidentiality and security of copies of personal medical records received from the service unit facilities;
  11. seek emergency treatment if you are eligible for PRC (formerly Contract Health Services) and feel that your condition is an emergency.  Report such emergencies to the Elbowoods Memorial Health Center PRC (formerly Contract Health) office (627-7752) within 72 hours of the event;
  12. contact the Elbowoods Memorial Health Center (Quality Care & Assurance and/or H.I.M.) for information on advance directives if you want to develop a plan in the case that you ever become incapacitated, such as a living will or durable power of attorney;
  13. see an Elbowoods Memorial Health Care provider for a referral for non-emergency treatment to an outside facility; this will be provided at the discretion of the provider and if the condition meets PRC (formerly Contract Health) criteria.
  14. work with your provider and/or nurse to develop and follow a pain management plan.