About Us


The Elbowoods Memorial Health Center Team is a dedicated group of medical and administrative professionals committed to providing safe and appropriate health care, with a respectful and caring attitude, to each individual we serve.


To strengthen the circle, our staff and the individuals we serve will walk the path of wellness together.


  • RESPECT. We recognize the inherent dignity of each individual and will treat each person with reverence and respect.  The personal privacy and cultural diversity of each individual will be respected at all times.
  • EMPOWERMENT. We support, protect, and promote the rights of our patients, residents, family members, and staff, giving them opportunities to provide input toward improving the quality of their lives.
  • COMPASSION. We are committed to treating all individuals with genuine compassion and understanding, personalizing their care and treatment as they cope with life and death processes.
  • STEWARDSHIP. We will use fiscal, material, and human resources to provide the greatest benefit to the individuals and communities we serve.  We will be responsible for our use of resources and our care for the environment.
  • EXCELLENCE. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence through ongoing training, performance measurement, and self-evaluation.
  • INTEGRITY. We will be honest and direct with one another, treating each other with honor in a genuine and open manner, while being true to our own ideals, values, and vision.