For Patients

At Elbowoods Memorial Health Center, our providers and employees strive to provide the best possible care for our patients. View the menu at the right to learn more about patient rights, responsibilities and more.

Elbowoods Memorial Health Center serves the Native Americans of the Fort Berthold Reservation and is a health care system for federally recognized American Indian and Alaskan Natives of the United States.  Any specific questions regarding your health care or qualifications can be answered by our patient registration staff. 

Patient Services

When checking in for your appointments, please make sure all of your information is current and that you present a valid driver's license or tribal identification card at each visit. Ensuring that your address and phone number is correct helps our staff to better communicate with you for any future appointments or needs. If you are being seen for a referral, the PRC staff will mail out your referral along with an appointment scheduling letter. Any misinformation from you may lead to a delay in this process. 

Patient Referred Care

Patient Referred Care (formerly known as Contract Health) is a financial resource program meant to assist patients in payment for healthcare services received by eligible Tribal members that are not available at the Elbowoods Memorial Health Center.